"When you have last-minute bass trouble in London and your soundpost falls, call Laurence Dixon. He's the cat!" - Christian McBride

"Hey Man you're a genius honestly. It's better than before!" - Mike Janisch

"The bass sounds great! Cheers" - Larry Bartley

"Bass sounds amazing! Really opened up the sound on the top two strings which were a bit lacking before. Thanks so much!" - Laura Murphy

"..The bass is really open, sounds great! I think the post is in a good spot. Thanks again! " - Mike Fuller

"I don't know what you did to my bass but it sounds bloody brilliant! Many thanks!" - Mark Lipski

"I want to thank you and Andras for the work on my bass, it's been an absolute joy to play over the last few weeks." - Ollie Copeland

 "..Bass sounds and feels brilliant! Many thanks!" - Nic Breakspear

"Bass sounds great, cheers Laurence!" - Andy Hamill

"Bass sounds and feels great! Thanks, Laurence!" - Steve Pearce

"The bass is sounding really fantastic. Thanks for working your magic on it. Cheers!" - Tom Rosenfeld

"Many thanks for the work. The bass sounds amazing." - Aram Bahmaie

"I'm loving the Jaquet bass, it looks and plays beautifully. Thanks for doing such a great job! Best." - Steve Watt

"You are nothing short of awesome." - Mao Yamada

"..The bass has been holding up well since I saw you. Sounding lovely. Thanks for your help." - James Opstad

"Laurence and the Bass Place are an important institution that the London bass scene can't do without" - Jan Zahourek

"Thanks again, it sounds plays great!!" - Simon Kennard

"..Thanks again, Iā€™m really impressed with the work." - Daniel Griffin

"Thank you once again for your excellent workmanship. I'm very happy with the results." - Neville Malcom