Repairs and Restoration


Laurence Dixon

studied violin family making and restoration for five years at Guildhall University (previously The London School of Furniture), and South Thames College. After cutting his teeth at the Stentor workshops (the UK’s largest importer of musical instruments), he entered the double bass world under the wing of esteemed London bass specialist Roger Dawson.

Since setting up independently 15 years ago, the Bass Place has grown from a single bench operation to London’s busiest double bass workshop. As well as making instruments, the Bass Place services the needs of bassists both from London and across the world: for repairs, restorations, rebuilds, conversions, MOT’s, valuations, and the sale of instruments, bows and accessories.

No other dedicated bass workshop is so grounded in the lives of everyday musicians, and so trusted to provide practical, tried and tested advice for all levels of players.

With visiting bow makers, in-house lessons and master classes with top players, the Bass Place has become a hub connecting the double bass community of London.

Bass Place is able to offer (when available) a courtesy bass while your main bass is being repaired and restored in our workshop.

Bass Place Short Documentary